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This is your one-stop shop for learning more information about a critical tool becoming available to defeat COVID: vaccines.

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My Vaccine Story

Want to know exactly what it’s like to get the vaccine?  Hear from SEIU members who are getting it. We will continue to unveil interviews with a SEIU HCIIMK members at different stages of the vaccine process. Hear why they got vaccinated and any fears or side effects they might have had.

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President Greg Kelley – Episode 2: 2nd Dose

Check out the video to see how Greg felt after his second dose. Learn more. Share this video on Facebook.

President Greg Kelley Episode 1: Greg Gets First Dose

“It’s been a grueling year. But this vaccine gives me great optimism. After talking to health experts I am confident that this vaccine will save countless lives.”

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Learn more about Greg’s vaccination experience.

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