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METC response to Coronavirus

Your safety is of utmost importance to us at the METC.   Given the coronavirus outbreak and all the recommendations regarding social distancing, the SEIU Training Funds (DORS IP and Childcare) believe it is in the best interest of workers (and the consumers and children for whom they care) and instructors to suspend all trainings effective Monday, March 16, for 30 days.

The Training Funds will during that time evaluate whether to restart training classes or to extend the suspension.  We have been in communication with the State regarding the above and they agree with this course of action and have also confirmed that no Personal Assistant or Child Care provider under requirement to complete a mandatory training will be penalized due to this suspension.  We will continue to be in touch with the State during this time regarding whether or not classes remain suspended beyond the 30 days and will keep you posted.

Please continue to check our website for updates on training.

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The Helen Miller SEIU Member Education and Training Center was founded in 2007 to provide training for HCIIMK members. Since its founding, over 30,000 union workers have attended training sessions.


The assistance with household tasks and personal care that DORS Personal Assistants provide to persons with a disability is critical for them to live independently. PAs bargained and won a paid training program as part of their contract with the State of Illinois. Actively working PAs can earn while they learn life-saving skills, safety precautions and other skills that help them provide better care.


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Family, Friend & Neighbor providers and Licensed childcare providers play a critical role in the care and development of the children in the State’s Childcare Assistance Program.  As part of their last contract Childcare Providers won a training program that for most classes, pays them for their training time.


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