Election Center

The SEIU IL State Council-endorsed candidates include:

US Senate:

Tammy Duckworth

US House of Representatives: 

Robin Kelly, 2nd Congressional District

*Delia Ramirez, 3rd Congressional District* (*SEIU HCIIMK endorsement only, not a Council endorsment*)

Chuy Garcia, 4th Congressional District

Mike Quigley, 5th Congressional District

Marie Newman, 6th Congressional District

Danny Davis, 7th Congressional District

Raja Krishnamoorthi, 8th Congressional District

Jan Schakowsky, 9th Congressional District

Brad Schneider, 10th Congressional District

Bill Foster, 11th Congressional District

Nikki Budzinski, 13th Congressional District

Lauren Underwood, 14th Congressional District

Litesa Wallace, 17th Congressional District

Illinois Governor:

J.B. Pritzker

Illinois Lt. Governor:

Julianna Stratton     

Secretary of State:

Alexi Giannoulias

Illinois State Treasurer:

Michael Frerichs

Illinois State Comptroller:

Susana Mendoza

Illinois Senate:

Omar Aquino, 2nd District

Robert Martwick, 10th District

Celina Villanueva, 12th District

La’Mont Williams, 16th District 

Mike Halpin, 36th District

Illinois House:

Lilian Jimenez, 4th District

Sonya M. Harper, 6th District

Michael Kelly, 15th District 

Lindsey LaPointe, 19th District 

Michael Zalewski, 23rd District

Curtis Tarver II, 25th District

Will Guzzardi, 39th District

Laura Faver Dias, 62nd District

Kathleen Willis, 77th District

Cook County:

Commissioner Brandon Johnson, 1st District

Commissioner Dennis Deer, 2nd District

Commissioner Monica Gordon, 5th District

Commissioner Sam Kukadia, 9th District

Commissioner Josina Morita, 13th District

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Yumeka Brown

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Patricia Flynn

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Dan Pogorzelski

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Mariyana Spyropoulos