My Vaccine Story

Want to know exactly what it’s like to get the vaccine?  You’ve come to the right place. Hear from SEIU members who are getting it. We will continue to unveil interviews with a SEIU HCIIMK members at different stages of the vaccine process. Hear why they got vaccinated and any fears or side effects they might have had.

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Olivia Alvarez – 1er episodio

Olivia y su esposo tienen cada uno un riñón, lo que significa que están en alto riego al COVID.  Olivia está ansiosa por proteger a su familia y a los niños y padres a quienes les brinda cuidado.  “Al final del día … tengo que concentrarme más en la información que obtengo de los expertos de salud”, dice.  #MeVacuneSEIU

Olivia Alvarez – Chicago Child Care Provider – Ep 1

Olivia and her husband each have one kidney, meaning they are higher risk of COVID. She’s eager to protect her family and the children and parents she serves.

“At the end of the day…I have to focus more on the information I get from the health experts.”

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Learn more about Olivia’s story.

President Greg Kelley – Episode 2: 2nd Dose

Check out the video to see how Greg felt after his second dose. Learn more. Share this video on Facebook.

Check out what Greg had to say after his first dose as well.

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Kim Smith – Chicago Hospital Worker – Episode 2: The First Dose

“How do I protect my family?”

Learn more about Kim in episode 2.

See what Kim had to say in episode 1.

Tiki Tunstall – Metro East Child Care Worker – Episode 1

“Imagine the freedom you will feel.”

Learn more about why Tiki’s getting the vaccine.

Kim Smith – Chicago Hospital Worker – Episode 1

“I believe in God. I believe in medical intervention. I had to conquer my own fear and I took it.”

Learn more about Kim’s vaccination experience.

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Greg Kelley – SEIU HCIIMK President – Episode 1

 “It’s been a grueling year. But this vaccine gives me great optimism. After talking to health experts I am confident that this vaccine will save countless lives.”

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Learn more about Greg’s experience with the first dose of the vaccine.