DORS PAs: It’s Time for Our Next Raise!

Important reminder for all DORS workers! Effective July1st, 2022, the next raise for DORS workers under our contract begin!

All workers received a $0.50/hr. raise on July 1, 2022, bringing everyone to $16.50/hour or more! This raise was only possible thanks to our collective power and action.  

  • PAs now earn $16.50/hr.
  • CNAs now earn $19.50/hr.
  • LPNs now earn $26.50/hr.
  • RNs now earn $33.25/hr.

This will be our second to last raise of our current contract. We will have another big contract fight ahead and we need all hands on deck. So, the time is now to come together, speak with co-workers, and organize to keep our union strong to fight for more raises, benefits, and quality care!

We’re fighting for home care jobs that allow us to fully support our families, provide decent benefits, and treat us with dignity and respect. 

When workers of all colors and from all parts of our state join together, we win stronger workplaces, stronger communities, stronger participation in our democratic process, and better lives for everyone. 


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