Rate Increase for Home Child Care Providers!

21.08.03 Senator Pacione-Zayas visits Lucia Rubio’s Day Care for a walk a day

Our next raise is effective July 1st! This 3.5% rate increase for CCAP home child care providers marks the second raise this year.

Together in our union, we reached a contract that includes 7 rate increases for providers over the life of the contract – that is close to a 30% rate increase by December 2022! We’ll receive an additional rate increase of 4.5% on December 1 of this year.

It is more urgent than ever for child care workers workers to be united in their union. We have made progress over the last few years, including a historic contract that guarantees raises for providers over the next couple of years, and are building power state wide to demand sustained investment in free public child care for all!

We are able to win these big victories because home child care providers like you have stuck together in our Union. That is how we won our health insurance and our training fund—and how we will win even higher rates for providers and more affordable child care for families.