CCAP Rate Increases 3.5%

contract signing CC JB

Over a year ago, SEIU Child Care leaders and members joined President Greg Kelley and Governor Pritzker to sign a historic home child care contract. This contract came after years of attacks on our program that decimated public child care by making it inaccessible for parents and unsustainable for providers. 

Our historic contract includes 7 rate increases over the life of the contract – and July 2021 marks our 4th rate increase! These rate increases should be reflected in your August payment for services provided in July.

Together, we have secured rate increases, we have overcome a pandemic and now look forward to our fight to win a universal child care system for all working families that compensates its workforce with living wages. I look forward to working alongside you on this effort. 

Recently, our collective efforts resulted in productive conversations with the state to ensure License-Exempt, Non-Relative providers face no negative actions for not completing the health and safety training requirements, due to the challenges of the last year. As your child care union, we worked to ensure providers’ perspectives grounded any policy decisions on mandatory trainings. More info to come on this soon!

If you are a Licensed Provider, please complete your rate certification form to confirm your increase. You should receive this from with your monthly certificate.