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Hope from the Front Lines is a weekly podcast featuring stories of black and brown women who are members of SEIU HCIIMK on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

In this episode of Hope from the Front Lines Podcast…

The home health care industry is growing fast, poised to be worth over $30 billion. The industry already struggles with fair labor practices, but COVID-19 hit and exposed those weaknesses.

*Marisol Garcia* has been working with the same in-home care company since 2003 and contracted COVID-19 while at work. She was forced to quarantine for a month, and has yet to receive pay for the lost time.

Total time lost: 1 month

Total sick time received: Zero

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Reporter/Producer bio:

Reporter Aiden Kent is a seeker, storyteller and naturalist. Through working on Hope From the Front Lines, Aiden is humbled to connect with people who are trying to make the world of home care more equitable and respectful of its workers. She is grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with her Spanish-speaking roots and use her journalism degree to do a bit of good in the world.

*Marisol isn’t her real name. Her name and the names of other people in this story have been changed for their protection. Her story is still an open case, pending legal action.