SEIU HCIIMK Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

21-9-59 EM Latinx Heritage Month Graphic_english

Here’s what SEIU HCIIMK members are saying as they reflect on Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15th):

Angelica: When we meet as union members, we’re able to discuss the differences in our culture without judgement.

Celia: “The population of Hispanics who need home care is expanding and it’s important that workers can break the language barrier.”

Maria: “Hispanic women are taught to not speak out when there is an injustice and I want to change that!”

Zolya: “The union does a lot for its workers and it opens up doors for us. The fear that we have is lessened.”

Virginia: “El dolor y sufrimiento de nuestros compañeros que no se le respeten sus derechos que por tal motivo me siento contenta de pertenecer a la union que nos da la seguridad de defender nuestros derechos.”

Marli: “Our union changes the environment. In our hospital, there’s more diversity and we’re starting to see more Hispanic workers because they feel supported.”

Olivia:We can count on having the support we need to assert our rights as early childhood educators and as powerful women fighting for a better future.”

Rosa: Being part of the union represents the struggle. The fight is in everything: family well-being, community well-being, our dignity as human beings.