Infinity Nursing Home Workers Prepare to “Strike For Our Lives” Monday, November 23rd to Protect Our Residents & Co-Workers

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Essential Workers Tell Infinity’s Management “We are NOT Second Class! We Demand to Be SAFE on the Job and Deserve a Fair Wage with COVID-Hazard Pay During this Exploding Global Pandemic!”

Scroll below to see and download fliers, see ours & management’s contract proposals, and our strike FAQ.

PICKET LINE SHIFTS are 6am-10am, 9:30am to 12:30p, 12p-4:30p. Sign up with your steward or organizer ASAP!

We have been bargaining in good faith with Infinity all week trying to reach a fair contract and avoid a strike. But Infinity has made it clear to us: they don’t think we deserve the same pay and benefits as nursing home workers in 100 other homes across the state. The boss continues to offer wages below market rate, shortchange all non-CNA workers and cut out workers at Parker and Momence.

Despite Infinity getting $12.7 million of federal COVID aid, from our tax dollars, Moishe Gubin claims he doesn’t have the money to pay us a fair wage.

It’s time for Infinity workers to stand up and STRIKE to tell Moishe Gubin: We will not accept second-class pay for our work!

“Where did the $12.7 million in federal funding go? Essential workers need it during this pandemic!” JANICE HILL, CNA,City View Multicare Center

Minimum $2/hour wage increase for ALL membersNoYes
Increase CNA starting wage to $15.50 at ALL homesNoYes
Increase to starting wage for all other departments (Dietary, Housekeeping, Laundry, Activities, etc.)NoYes
Wage equity across the state—same pay for the same work— whether in or out of ChicagoNoYes
COVID pay for ALL members working in a home with COVID patients, without attendance requirementsNoYes
Retro pay back to contract expiration in JuneNoYES

Infinity is trying to scare us to keep us from striking by threatening to take away our health insurance, encouraging us to resign our union membership and threatening our jobs. But we won’t fall for their tricks!

The only way to win a fair contract is to stand with our coworkers and fight for what we deserve. Check out a copy of the union Strike FAQ for more information on the false claims Infinity is making.

We hope to reach a fair contract before Monday—a strike is always our last resort—but we know that we deserve the same pay and respect from our employer as the other Chicago area homes, especially now!

Infinity nursing home workers: join our important telephone town halls this coming Saturday, Nov 21st and Sunday, Nov 22nd at 6PM for detailed updates about our strike plan.

Look for our call or just dial 1-844-857-2169 to join us.

STRIKE! Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are we fighting for?

We are fighting for a minimum $2 increase for ALL workers, with a wage scale that moves us out of poverty and additional increases to recognize seniority. We are fighting for ONE wage scale across the state, with no homes or job titles excluded. We are fighting for COVID pay that is not tied to attendance for all members working in a facility with COVID residents.

How many workers at my nursing home have to vote to strike for it to be approved?

Workers at your nursing home will have approved a strike based on a 60% or greater vote to strike for any length of time.  The length of time will be based on the longest strike that a majority (over 50%) are committed to striking

Can we lose our jobs if we go on strike?

The boss has broken the NLRA in multiple ways, which means we will be going on an Unfair Labor Practice strike, and the boss cannot permanently replace us.  When we vote to return to work at the end of the strike, we will all go back to work together and leave no one behind. If the owner refuses to let us return to work when we decide to return, then we can demand back pay from that date forward through the Labor Board.

Will we get paid if we strike?

The Union will provide a strike fund for workers who participate in the strike. We are working out what that benefit will be and how members participate in the strike to receive it.

Will I lose my health insurance if I go on strike?

No. Union members are covered by the Union health insurance, so we control the health fund and it will not be turned off during the strike. This is another reason why we need to keep our health insurance with the Union Health Fund, so the boss can’t make those threats. You will not lose your health coverage if you strike.

Can I work somewhere else during the strike?

You can work anywhere that is not on strike. You need to picket or participate in the strike at your nursing home during your shift and can work anywhere else when you are not participating in the strike, except where other workers are on strike – do not cross any picket lines.

What will the administrator and supervisors say or do?

They will say or do anything to get you not to strike.  They will illegally threaten you that you could lose your job.  They will advertise for replacement workers to get paid double your pay.  They will parade newly hired workers through the facility.  They will tell you the owners won’t back down and we can’t win. If they are your friend, they will make personal appeals based on friendship and loyalty. The truth is the owners and managers know that if we stand together, we will win and they are so scared that they will try anything they can think of to try to stop us.  Stay strong, stay smart, stay united.        

What about our residents?

You have a legal right to strike and many of our contract demands will benefit the residents! We are fighting for safe staffing and proper PPE that will protect our residents and ensure quality care. When you vote to strike, we issue a 10-day notice to the owners and the government. The owners are required to submit a care plan to the state detailing how they will care for the residents. It is the bosses responsibility to take care of the residents when we are on strike.

Can I go on strike if I’m a new employee?

Yes! All employees have the right to strike, even if they are brand new. This contract will decide wages and benefits for all members, including new employees, so it’s essential that all stand together and fight!

Can we win?

The nursing home owners own the buildings and the bank accounts, but they don’t do the work.  We own our work and they can’t take care of residents, run their businesses and make their money without us.  If we stand together, we will win.