Essential Workers Voted, Essential Workers Decided 

20-10-68 SV When We Vote Round Sticker

Together through our union, we stood firm and demanded through direct action that our votes be counted. We made our voices heard up and down the ballot — from the statehouse to the White House. In this election, essential healthcare and child care workers decided what is best for our families, our communities, and our futures. Once again, the power we have when we join together is on full display – we defended our votes and we elected the candidates that presented real plans and real solutions to the challenges we face.

Below are some victories you played a part in:

  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been declared the winners in the presidential race, carried to victory with the votes of essential workers – Black, Brown, White, and Asian.
  • In Illinois, our own Lakesia Collins was elected as state representative. We all put our heart and soul into helping our sister win her primary in March. She had been appointed to the seat this summer.
  • In Indiana, our champions State Senator Eddie Melton & State Representative Pat Boy won re-election.
  • In St. Louis, Black Lives Matter activist Cori Bush was elected to Congress.

We also experienced some setbacks with losses on the Fair Tax in Illinois and on Amendment 3 in Missouri. This only demonstrates that the rich will continue to fight to keep their wealth and power. But the fight for fairness & justice is not over. We will continue to fight to win what we deserve. 

As SEIU Healthcare members, we know that voting is just the first step. We must remain engaged and hold those we elected accountable now to their plans and promises. And we know that we exercise our power not just at the ballot box and the halls of government, but also in our workplaces and our communities.


In solidarity,

Greg Kelley

President SEIU Healthcare IL, IN, MO, & KS