SEIU Healthcare Missouri Applauds Governor Parson’s Stay-at-Home Order

Following is a statement on behalf of Lenny Jones, SEIU Healthcare Missouri State Director and Vice President in response to Governor Parson’s stay-at-home order announced this afternoon:

ST. LOUIS – “We are relieved that Governor Parson has finally issued a stay-at-home order after listening to the cries of our members who provide critical care in hospitals, nursing homes and in the homes of seniors and people with disabilities. 

“The governor must make protecting healthcare workers job number one. He must obey the old saying, “put on your own mask first.”  In this pandemic it means making sure that healthcare workers have everything they need to do their job, especially proper personal protective equipment and testing. 

“In addition, since healthcare workers are at the frontline of this pandemic, they should be compensated with additional hazard pay of time and a half, access to child care, paid sick leave if they are quarantined or need to care for a sick family member, and eviction and foreclosure protection.

“Our members are scared. They are afraid to hug their children. They are having panic attacks in the break room and then going back to work. They are heroes, yes, and they need to be treated like heroes.

“Thank you, Governor Parson, for hearing our voices and issuing the stay at home order. That’s an important step in protecting us all.”