Mount Sinai Hospital Workers Stand in Solidarity with Striking U of C Nurses


September 20, 2019

SEIU Healthcare Illinois is releasing the following statements by Mount Sinai Hospital workers in support of striking nurses at University of Chicago Medical Center.

Mount Sinai workers are currently conducting their own strike authorization vote.

19.09.20 UofC Nurses Solidarity Twitter Graphic

Joel Novak, RN at Mount Sinai Hospital:

“As a nurse who deals with short staffing every day on the job, I extend my full support and solidarity to the striking nurses at University of Chicago. I understand the stress of doing the work of many people in order to provide quality care to every patient because of inadequate staffing ratios and of worrying that your professional license might be in jeopardy as a result. As U of C nurses begin their strike, I am joining our co-workers and fellow nurses in organizing our union for a voice on the job and stand in solidarity with our members who are voting to authorize a strike.”

19.09.20 RNStrike Solidarity Joel Staffing

Janae Johnson, Dietary Aide at Mount Sinai Hospital:

“I have the privilege to work closely with RNs every day on the job, and I am proud to support striking nurses at U of C–and to support the RNs at Mount Sinai who are taking a stand and demanding that management recognize their union. The bottom line is that we are all devoted to patient care, whether we deliver trays of food or clean floors or whether we check vitals and administer meds. And we’re all in this together, from Mount Sinai to University of Chicago and beyond. Every time a nurse or CNA or housekeeper stands up for quality care and safe staffing, we all benefit. And the benefits extend beyond our workplaces to our communities. I am proud to stand in solidarity with the U of C nurses.”