On First Day of Bargaining, Mt. Sinai Hospital Workers “Speak Out” and Call a Code Blue on the Hospital Industry!

IMG_5068_580w(May 22nd, 2019, Chicago) –On the first day of bargaining Mt. Sinai and Schwab workers took over the new garden in front of the hospital for a speak out and press event around the issues we plan to address through our organizing and contract negotiations.

A delegation marched to CEO Karen Teitelbaum’s office to deliver an oversized “unity board” signed by hundreds of SEIU members as well as nurses, techs, and therapists organizing together for wall-to-wall union power.

Hospital workers kicked off the first day of bargaining as we call a Code Blue on staffing, wages, and benefits, and demand higher standards for workers across the hospital industry. Sinai Health workers are leading the fight for:

✷ Safe Staffing

✷ Higher Wages

✷ Employer-Paid Healthcare

✷ Dignity & Respect Through our Union


IMG_5081“On our first day of bargaining, we are uniting together to call a Code Blue on Mt. Sinai and the hospital industry. We hold ourselves to high standards to treat EVERYONE with respect.

We are here today to demand the same level of respect from Mt. Sinai’s management. We want all 90,000 hospital workers across the Chicago region to have a voice and to be heard. We are standing strong in solidarity and will not give up until we are successful!”

DeAndre Broomfield, Dietary, Mt. Sinai


IMG_5084“We are disrespected by Mt. Sinai’s management on a daily basis. Although Mt. Sinai has the money, they simply choose NOT to pay us what we’re worth.”

Shanta Sewell, Ward Clerk, Schwab Rehab


IMG_5083“We are very proud to care for our community— especially a community that does not get the care they deserve. We want the administrators to care for us, as workers, the waywe care for our patients, which is with our full hearts.

In order to do that we have to have safe staffing and we need the right resources. We stand in solidarity with the union members of SEIU because we hope that across the hospital industry we can provide better care to our patients.”

Megan Lonergan, Staff Nurse, Mt. Sinai


IMG_5082“I’m here outside Mt. Sinai to show solidarity with ALL hospital workers!  My message is to stay strong! Your patients and community supports you!”

Alma Anaya, Cook County Commissioner (7th District)