BREAKING: Rauner’s Unilateral, Devastating Moves Do Not Pass Moral Muster

CHICAGO – Gov. Bruce Rauner late Tuesday announced unilateral cuts to a wide array of vital services and programs that working families and seniors depend upon–without waiting for a budget deal to be finalized.

The package of cuts Rauner announced included eligibility restrictions for the Community Care Program that likely contradict Illinois law, as well as cuts to the state Child Care Assistance Program.

Following is the response of SEIU Healthcare Illinois President Keith Kelleher:

“Bruce Rauner’s unilateral cuts announced today likely will not pass muster in court and they certainly do not pass muster with the values of the people of Illinois. They will inflict pain on countless struggling families and seniors–all in the name of ‘reform.’

“The bottom line is that Bruce Rauner refuses true budgetary reform–generating much-needed revenue by making the wealthy of the state pay their fair share.

“Denying child care for kids; home care for seniors; and the crucial resources that thousands of working families rely upon to meet their most basic needs shows a warped set of priorities, especially when Gov. Rauner is doing everything he can to protect those at the very top.

“We will pursue all the options at our disposal to protect seniors, as well as children and working families, from these immoral and unilateral moves.”