Victory! Research & Menorah Medical Center Employees Overwhelmingly Ratify New Contract

OR Ladies

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Thanks to hard work and unity among techs, EVS, dietary, and many other employees at Research and Menorah Medical Centers, a new agreement was reached with management recently, averting a planned strike at RMC.

MMC employees approved the new contract with 97% voting YES; RMC Ernestemployees did as well, with 87% voting YES.

Here’s a summary of what’s in the latest contract:

– Wage increases

We raised the minimum wage rate for all job titles that had start rates under $9.10, resulting in a 6-7% raise for our lowest paid employees.

Year 1: 2.5% raise for all full-time and part-time employees, including Experience Rated PRNs*, and including employees who were capped on our pay scale. This raise is retroactive to the first week of June so keep an eye out for your back pay.

Year 2: 2.75% raise for all full-time and part-time employees, including Experience Rated PRNs*, and a 2.75% annual bonus for capped employees.

Year 3: No less than a 2% raise for all full-time and part-time employees, including Experience Rated PRNs*, but subject to the Wage and Healthcare Reopener in 2016.

– Stand-by pay increased to $2.25 effective January 2015, and maintained stacking or pyramiding.

– Healthcare

  • Employer cannot shift their premium share to employees.
  • Overall value of our plan cannot be reduced by more than 2%, and then only if bargained and agreed upon.
  • Continuation of national bargaining annually to reduce out of pocket costs in one area of the health plan.

– First-time preceptor pay for clinical employees who train. Job titles that qualify for preceptor pay will be determined by the joint Union/Management Professional Technical Committee in the next 90 days.

OR Ladies– Increased reimbursement for newly required certifications from $200 – $300.

– Employee stock purchase option

– 11 non economic improvements

1. PRN and part-time probationary period reduced from 180 days to 120 days.
2. Cross-training: Union members and management will meet to develop a cross- training program for employees who wish to float to other departments to avoid being sent home for low-census. If you are interested in helping wit this, or have idea, contact a steward .
3. Agency use in OR: Union members and management will meet to address the issue of over use of agency employees in the OR, as it relates to retention and recruitment. All OR employee input is welcome. See Renita at Menorah, or Charlie at Research to get involved.
4. Computer Training: Training will be provided on-site during November and December for employees on all shifts to learn to navigate the HCA job posting
5. PTO: If your schedule is posted more than 4 weeks in advance, your manager must still consider PTO requests.

A number of non economic improvements in addition to those listed above were also made.

*For a listing of Experience Rated PRN job titles, see your union bulletin board or a member of the bargaining team. If you are a Non-Experience Rated PRN, that means you are considered a Flat Rate PRN. Union Flat Rate PRNs will be meeting with management in the next four weeks to determine flat rate wage increases in line with the market. 

Stay tuned for information on contract distribution!