ACTION ALERT: Urge Democrats to continue to stand up for Medicare and Medicaid

Members are putting our voices together to thank the Congressional Democrats who succeeded in protecting good jobs and quality health care from Republicans last week.

By calling 877-736-7831, we’re thanking the lawmakers who stood strong to support good jobs and quality health care for working families, seniors, people with disabilities and others–and encouraging them to hold their ground for us in the future.

“On behalf of more than 91,000 workers united in SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana, we thank Democrats in Congress for protecting Medicaid and Medicare from crippling cuts that would have endangered the jobs, the health, and in some cases, the lives of people who depend on these critical safety net programs.   By blocking these cuts, people with disabilities can continue to live independently, safety net hospitals can remain open for the communities they serve, and health care workers will keep their jobs, preventing further deterioration in our already embattled economy,” said SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana President Keith Kelleher.

Now it’s our turn to thank the Democrats who stood up for us against Republicans who cater to the one percent rather than protecting jobs and healthcare for working families. These wealthy politicians aren’t done trying to cut the services we need, so we need to let our lawmakers know that we appreciate their support–and urge them to stay strong for us in the future.

Take a minute now to dial 877-736-7831, state your name, your hometown, and that you’re a member of SEIU Healthcare, and that you’re calling to thank the Democrats who stood up to protect Medicare and Medicaid for working families, seniors, people with disabilities, and our children.