Victory for Zayan/ActiveCare Employees!

We’ve won our first union contract!

Dear Zayan/ActiveCare workers,

In 2023, a majority of ActiveCare workers signed Union cards signaling their interest in joining SEIU Healthcare, the home care Union! Once we established a majority, your Union was recognized by the company last August. Since then, we have worked very hard to bargain the strongest possible contract that secured raises and much more!

Bargaining was only part of the work. Some of your co-workers volunteered many hours of our free time over the last 6 months talking to our colleagues, collecting surveys, getting trained in collective bargaining and keeping workers updated about your contract campaign.

After 6 months of bargaining, your Union bargaining committee is proud to announce they have ratified our first Union contract that secures annual raises, improved paid time-off, and free health insurance!

In solidarity,

Your union bargaining committee

Please review the details below!

Contract Highlights:


  • $1.00 increase in March for all employees currently below $18.00/hour
  • Annual seniority raises of $.25/hr.  on your anniversary date each year up to an additional $1
    • $.25 for those who started in 2023
    • $.50 for those who started in 2022
    • $.75 for those who started in 2021
    • $1.00 for those who started in 2020
  • Reopener language that gives homemakers the ability to bargain additional wage increases any time the ILDOA increases the reimbursement rate

Health Benefits

  • All homemakers who work an average of at least 18 hours/ week are eligible to be enrolled in insurance that costs homemakers $0 in premiums through the SEIU Healthcare Home Care fund.
  • Visit for more details on the different programs that are available depending on where you live: HMO, EPO and PPO.
  • Homemakers enrolled in the insurance plan must continue working at least 15 hours a week to maintain their eligibility.
  • Homemakers that qualify for the insurance but want to opt out can do so by contacting the fund at (773) 985-9300.
  • You must work at Zayan for at least six months to qualify for the insurance.
  • Any hours worked at a different Union agency or for the State of IL through DORS will be added together to count towards the 18-hour qualifying amount.

Paid Leave

  • All homemakers will begin accruing 1.25 hours for every 40 hours worked of Paid Leave on July 1st up to an annual maximum of 60 hours.
  • Paid Leave is more flexible than a sick or vacation benefit and only requires that 7 days’ notice be given if the use is foreseeable.
  • You may still use the Paid Leave benefit even if the purpose is not foreseeable as long as you have available hours.

Job Protections

  • In the event that you experience any issues on the job that cannot be directly resolved with management, you will now be able to exercise your rights with a grievance procedure to help resolve disputes on topics such as discipline, discharge, or pay disputes. It includes an arbitration process through a neutral, third-party decision-maker, if necessary. This means you are not alone. Your union will back you up.
  • This agreement contains a Dignity & Respect clause to help keep the work environment professional.
  • There is an article guaranteeing No Discrimination by the Employer.
  • We have won Seniority rights so that your experience and commitment are valued.

Building Union Power on the Job & Opportunity to Win More in the Future

  • Union rights language so that we can elect our own stewards and they can be trained to enforce our contract.
  • Labor-Management Relations Committee: This is a tool to give workers a bigger voice on the job and to help address ongoing concerns in a formal, proactive way with the company.
  • Lobby Day language so that homemakers have the right to go to Springfield and be PAID to tell our legislators that ourselves and the seniors we support deserve increased funding from the Community Care Program which will lead to more raises and allow more caregivers to provide quality care to consumers.

Disclaimer: Only Union members may vote to ratify our agreement. You can activate your membership today by signing a membership card or by visiting By joining SEIU Healthcare, you will be part of a union family that consists of 60,000 homecare workers across the state of Illinois! We’re fighting to make home care jobs good jobs and to ensure access to high quality home care services for the people we care for. Welcome to the Union!

For any questions regarding this agreement, please contact:

Tom Zablocki, SEIU Lead Negotiator (773)677-8781 or

Molly Ricci, SEIU Organizer (773)750-5259 or

For any questions regarding health insurance, please contact the SEIU Healthcare Home Care Fund:

Health Fund
(773) 385-9300
or or

To contact the Union’s Member Resource Center,

call (866)933-7348