SEIU Healthcare Missouri Applauds Bill to Increase Transparency in Nursing Home Industry

Newly filed HB2740 to bring new requirements for long-term care facilities upon ownership changes.

ST. LOUIS – SEIU Healthcare Missouri applauds the recent proposal of House Bill 2740, a bill that would introduce regulations and requirements for long-term care facilities across the state of Missouri. The nursing home industry has fallen victim to opportunistic business owners using the industry and residents as a source of revenue instead of providing quality, compassionate care. This bill would force new owners to be transparent about their business practices and put workers and residents first.

Key provisions of the bill include the requirement for new nursing home owners to obtain a certificate and have direct oversight from the committee overseeing healthcare development, ensuring services are provided and met. Any facilities found operating without the necessary certificates, qualifications, or standards may be subject to legal actions. The bill also addresses the need for adequate staffing ratios to keep residents and workers safe. 

“This bill is an important step forward for nursing home residents and workers,” said Ty’Ron Gant, former Laundry Aide, Northview Village. “The pain and suffering that we experienced when Northview suddenly shut down might have been prevented if we had more measures like this to hold owners accountable.”  

After the abrupt closure of Northview Nursing Home in December 2023, more and more information is coming to light around the financial secrecy and self-dealing done by owners. For years, out-of-state corporations have purchased St. Louis area nursing homes where they have prioritized their own profit instead of workers and residents. These new owners often routinely schedule far fewer staff than are needed to provide care in their homes, provide inadequate training, cut corners for health and safety, pay low wages, and regularly obstruct the rights of their workers. All of this leads to compromised care for residents. 

“House Bill 2740 would not only support staff and residents in long-term care facilities, but hold greedy owners accountable for abhorrent actions as seen with the recent closure of Northview Village Nursing Home,” said Lenny Jones, SEIU Healthcare Missouri State Director. “We are grateful for Representative Crystal Quade, and her unwavering support of nursing home workers and staff, for introducing this legislation. We encourage members of the Missouri House to work together in a bipartisan manner to ensure this provision passes into law.”