SEIU Healthcare Applauds St. Louis Board of Alderman Resolution Supporting Organizing Workers

St. Louis Alderman Cara Spencer introduced a resolution supporting the workers at Places for People currently organizing their union.

ST. LOUIS – Today, St. Louis Alderman Cara Spencer introduced resolution R 149 in support of over 300 workers at Places for People, a community behavioral health organization serving more than 2,800 people each year in St. Louis City and County. Workers are organizing their union with SEIU Healthcare Missouri to create a workplace where they are respected, protected, fully staffed, and paid a wage that reflects their value. 

“Places for People does an incredible job of working with the most vulnerable people in our community,” said Alderwoman Cara Spencer. “The workforce is a testament to the dedication this agency has to the work. The Board of Aldermen is standing in solidarity with the workers of Places for People, and we are hoping that productive conversations can be held as soon as possible between labor and management.”

Workers at Places for People have been calling on management for a fair and open process free from retaliation and harassment since August. However, since then, harassment and anti-union retaliation have occurred resulting in the filing of an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board. 

“My coworkers and I are grateful for the support of Alderman Spencer and the St. Louis Board of Aldermen,” said Greg Tumlin, HOME Substance Abuse Specialist at Places for People. “We are uniting in SEIU Healthcare to become part of the larger movement of workers advocating for strong community services, while improving jobs for those carrying out the critical work of healing, housing, and recovery. By uniting to raise our concerns with one powerful voice through our union, we can not only shed light on the cracks within our system, but work collaboratively to create a more resilient, just, and balanced workplace through collective bargaining.”   

Organizing workers will join SEIU Healthcare alongside more than 90,000 healthcare and child care workers across the country to gain a seat at the table and a real voice in making decisions. 

“Our union is grateful for the support of the St. Louis Board of Alderman as workers continue to organize at Places for People,” said Lenny Jones, SEIU Healthcare Missouri State Director. “We are disappointed in management’s anti-union behavior; however, we are dedicated to supporting workers as they come together to gain a real voice on the job to make improvements in their workplace.”