Gearing Up to Celebrate the Final Raise Under Our Current DORS Contract Effective December 1, 2022

DORS barg team victory night

On December 1st, 2022, 30,000 DORS workers in Illinois will receive the final raise under our current groundbreaking contract that we won in 2019! You can expect to see the raise reflected on your first paycheck in January 2023 for hours worked December 1-15, 2022.

In this final round, all workers will receive a $.75 raise:

  • Personal Assistants: $17.25/hr.
  • CNAs: $20.25/hr.
  • LPNs: $27.25/hr.
  • RNs: $34.00/hr.

On top of 28% raises for PAs, our union contract secured first-ever paid sick time, expanded paid training programs and established a committee to explore future retirement options.

Wins like this don’t just happen. Members fought hard for this contract and won by organizing, speaking out and sharing our stories, and taking direct action. United in our union, we never stop fighting for better futures for our families, our consumers, and our communities.

When we win higher standards, it affects the whole home care industry and community. Working families become stronger and more secure while consumers receive higher quality care.

This is the last raise of our current contract. This means in the coming year we will have another big contract fight ahead of us. We are going to demand respect, higher pay, better benefits, and a stronger program for consumers who depend on home care.  It’s more important now than ever that we come together, get involved, and organize to keep our union strong. Moving forward, we need to engage even more DORS workers in the fight to win!

Stay tuned for more information on how to get involved and take action!

“I am so excited to receive this final raise. We really needed this pay increase and I’m glad I’m part of a union that unites so many PAs to fight for what we need on the frontlines. With our past increases it made buying the household necessities like eggs and bars of soap a lot easier as prices have soared. I’m looking forward to the next contract battle and I’m ready to fight for $25 an hour. I also want to win pension benefits so our younger workers have that security to look forward to.”

—  Judy Hunter
Personal Assistant, DORS, Chicago, IL


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