SEIU MO/KS State Council Endorsed Candidates: 2022 General Election in Missouri

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U.S. Senate

Trudy Busch-Valentine

U.S. House of Representatives

Cori Bush, 1st Congressional District

Trish Gunby, 2nd Congressional District

Emmaunuel Cleaver, 5th Congressional District

Missouri Senate

Karla May, 4th District

Brian Williams, 14th District

Tracy McCreery, 24th District

Missouri House

Ashley Aune, 14th District

Maggie Nurrenbern, 15th District

Mark Ellebracht, 17th District

Ingrid Burnett, 19th District

Rob Sauls, 21st District

Yolanda Young, 22nd District

Michael Johnson, 23rd District

Emily Weber, 24th District

Patty Lewis, 25th District

Ashley Bland-Manlove, 26th District

Richard Brown, 27th District

Jerome Barnes, 28th District

Aaron Crossley, 29th District

Kemp Strickler, 34th District

Keri Ingle, 35th District

Mark Sharp, 37th District

David Tyson-Smith, 46th District

Adrian Plank, 47th District

Jessica Slisz, 49th District

Doug Mann, 50th District

Patty Johnson, 56th District

Jim Hogan, 62nd District

Jenna Roberson, 63rd District

Eric Nowicki, 65th District

Marlene Terry, 66th District

Neil Smith, 67th District

Jay Mosely, 68th District

Gretchen Bangert, 70th District

LaDonna Appelbaum, 71st District

Doug Clemens, 72nd District

Kevin Windham, 74th District

Alan Gray, 75th District

Marlon Anderson, 76th District

Kimberly Ann Collins, 77th District

Rasheen Aldridge, 78th District

LaKeySha Bosley, 79th District

Peter J. Merideth, 80th District

Steve Butz, 81st District

Donna Baringer, 82nd District

Sarah Unsicker, 83rd District

Wiley Price, 84th District

Joe Adams, 86th District

Paula Brown, 87th District

Barb Phifer, 90th District

Jo Doll, 91st District

Michael Burton, 92nd District

Bridget Walsh-Moore, 93rd District

Kyle Kerns, 94th District

Ann Zimpfer, 95th District

Deb Lavendar, 98th District

Ian Mackey, 99th District

Collin Lovett, 100th District

Melissa Greenstein, 101st District

Cindy Berne, 105th District

Tracy Grundy, 107th District

Susan Shumway, 108th District

Sally Brooks, 118th District

Crystal Quade, 132nd District

Betsy Fogle, 135th District

Amy Freeland, 140th District

Constitutional Amendments

Amendment 3 – Marijuana legalization and expungement: VOTE YES 

Amendment 4 – Eliminate local control of Kansas City police funding: VOTE NO

Constitutional Convention Question: VOTE NO

Ballot Question

Kansas City Question 2 – Affordable Housing Bond: VOTE YES

Local Elections

Sam Page, St. Louis County Executive

Wesley Bell, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney

Rita Days, St. Louis County Council District 1

Vicki Englund, St. Louis County Council District 3

Lisa Clancy, St. Louis County Council District 5

Kristine Callis, St. Louis County Council District 7

Megan Green, St. Louis City Board of Alderman President