Chicago’s Minimum Wage Hits $15


For those who work in Chicago for employers who have 21 or more employees, the minimum wage is now $15 an hour. Full details below.

No politician handed us this victory–our collective action is what got this done.   

We marched, rallied, shared our stories and even participated in civil disobedience to win. We were on the forefront on the Fight for $15. Specifically in Chicago, we were a leader in the Raise the Wage Campaign that raised the minimum wage to $13 and the #15CantWait campaign that brought us to $15 today in Chicago.

Employers with 21+ employees

July 1, 2021-$15

Employers with 4-20 employees

July 1, 2021- $14

July 1, 2022- $14.50

July 1, 2023- $15

Sister agencies to $15 by 2021

Tipped workers (currently at $6.40)

July 1, 2021- $9.00

*Connected to Consumer Price Index after

Youth workers (currently at $7.75) people with disabilities will join this schedule in the 4th year

July 1, 2021- $11.00

July 1, 2022- $12.00

July 1, 2023- $13.50

July 1, 2024-$15

*All workers no matter the schedule, get to parity ($15 plus the current Consumer Price Index of that year) at the end of their ramp.