Nursing Home Worker Speaks Out on State of Long Term Care in Illinois


Anita Thompson, a CNA at Ambassador (Infinity) Nursing Home testified to state lawmakers at the Subject Matter Hearing on the state of long-term care in Illinois, highlighting the deep staffing issues workers are facing as the pandemic continues.

“Right now, there are two major crises hitting the nursing home industry. First, younger workers simply do not have the same patience to remain in a nursing home when they feel so disrespected and paid a poverty wage. Second, workers with years of experience and deep expertise are also leaving.
The candle is being burned from both ends – and unless workers start earning better wages, with “real benefits” like retirement security, and end to short-staffing, and affordable healthcare our workforce will continue to hollow out in a constant downward spiral. We need a solution to this short-staffing crisis because we have families too. We have our own health needs to manage. Just because I “can” handle short staffing on a particular shift doesn’t mean I should have to feel exhausted after every single day I go to work. It’s time to demand real accountability for the nursing home industry.”

Anita thompson