Northwestern Hospital workers on the front lines

Everett Northwestern Hospital Mask COVID

Workers on the front lines at Northwestern Memorial Hospital are putting their lives and their health on the line.  They deserve personal protective equipment and hazard pay. #NMHHazardPayNow #ProtectAllWorkers

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Stories from the Frontlines

Candice Martinez

Meet Candice Martinez. Candice is a Housekeeping Specialist at Northwestern Medicine who contracted COVID-19 at work. Candice is one of countless hospital workers putting themselves on the line to help save lives and flatten the curve of the pandemic. She and every other hospital worker need PPE and hazard pay now so they can continue providing life-saving care. 

Learn more about Candice’s story in the video below.

Everett Oliver

“Every day we’re walking in blind,” says Everett Oliver, a PCT Northwestern Medicine. Everett’s come in contact at least…

Posted by SEIU Healthcare IL & IN on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Katina McDavis

Marcus Buell

Marcus Buell, a housekeeper at Northwestern Medicine is being left in the dark when it comes to keeping up with changes…

Posted by SEIU Healthcare IL & IN on Monday, April 6, 2020