Northwestern Failing to Lead on Wages

Northwestern claims they are the leading hospital for wages and benefits, but that’s just not true. Despite having $12.5 BILLION in assets, Northwestern’s starting wages are lower than starting wages at Mt. Sinai, a safety net hospital with far fewer resources.


FAILING to lead on wages and benefits

FAILING to hire and retain employees

FAILING to invest in workers

Dean Harrison CEO of Northwestern makes an hourly wage of $3,409.14 vs. the average northwestern worker who makes $20,51 and the starting Northwestern worker salary which is $14.15 an hour

IS your department short-staffed right now? There’s a reason. When Northwestern does manage to hire people, it doesn’t take them long to realize paying for health insurance and parking takes too much of their paychecks and leave. We live with the results of high turnover and so many open positions. If Northwestern wants to be a place people want to work, they have to invest in us, the people doing the work.”