Northwestern Workers: “WE ARE NOT AFRAID”

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MANAGEMENT TRIED THEIR BEST TO SCARE US, but we know we don’t have to be afraid when we stand together. This week, nearly 100 of us marched on the bosses of three different departments to demand they treat us fairly when it comes to filling nearly 150 open positions. When management refuses to make sure those positions are filled by members of our bargaining unit they keep us all working short, working exhausted, and frustrated. That’s a no win for us—and our patients.

Make no mistake, when management sees us standing together, unafraid to hold them accountable, we have more power at the bargaining table to fight for—and WIN—a contract that raises us all up. Let’s keep up the pressure!

“We’re sick and tired of working short-staffed, being forced to work overtime shifts whenever our managers decide, being
denied opportunities to advance, and just generally treated unfairly without respect. All of these things make it hard to
recruit people to work here and get them to stay. While management is trying to take the cheap way out by filling empty
positions with temp and casual workers, we know the way to staff up is to to make these jobs.”

CLIFF MYRICK, Bargaining Committee Member