BREAKING: SEIU Healthcare Illinois Responds to ICE Activity in Chicago-Area Nursing Homes

(Click here for resources to “Know Your Rights”).

(July 17, 2019 CHICAGO)—SEIU Healthcare learned that, yesterday, three separate long-term care facilities on the outskirts of Greater Chicago were visited by ICE agents conducting audits of worker I-9 documentation.

“We condemn this and any worker harassment activity by ICE—and we condemn the hate-filled rhetoric and misguided leadership of Donald Trump, which is fueling this increase in ICE activity,” said SEIU Healthcare Illinois President Greg Kelley on behalf of the 90,000 workers the union represents.

Over 12,000 SEIU Healthcare Illinois members provide care to vulnerable residents at long-term care facilities across the state.

“Nursing home workers care for our seniors and some of the most vulnerable members of our community and ICE activity targeting nursing home workers is both inhumane and unacceptable. No one should have to fear that going to work will result in being deported. Targeting workers who care for the most vulnerable is particularly reprehensible,” said Kelley.

SEIU Healthcare recently conducted know your rights trainings for members following Trump’s threat of raids and increased ICE activity.

“We’re also reaching out to employers to make sure they are informed about ICE activity and how to respond.  Usually, when ICE hands an employer a piece of paper, it’s an administrative subpoena and not a warrant—and you likely have 72 hours in which to comply. We want to encourage all employers to refuse to cooperate with ICE beyond what is required by law,” said Kelley.

Both individual workers and worksite administrators encountering ICE are encouraged to reach out for support and guidance from the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights at 312-332-7360, 1-855-HELP-MY-FAMILY (legal advice hotline) or or to contact these other immigration justice groups providing support and information: NIJC,; PASO,; OCAD,

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