Press Release: Working Families Speak Loudly With Election of JB Pritzker as Governor of Illinois


Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

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CHICAGO—The following statement was released by SEIU Healthcare Illinois President Greg Kelley in response to tonight’s election results:

“Voters in Illinois spoke loudly and clearly tonight with the election of J. B. Pritzker as our new governor, bringing to a close four years of attacks on working families under Bruce Rauner.

“Voters said we are tired of the assault on our jobs.  We want legislators in Springfield who will reflect the great potential of our state and work to get things done.

“Elders, children and the most vulnerable of our state need allies who will support services; legislators who recognize and respect the value of workers who toil to provide vital services – like teachers and home healthcare workers.

“What’s needed now is for JB’s administration to deliver on the inspiring working family message that got him elected. The agenda includes protecting the Affordable Care Act, fully funding home healthcare and child care services, establishing a $15 minimum wage and union rights.

JBandJuliana“JB cut through Rauner’s message of divisiveness and destruction to bring families together and focus on making our state stronger. We’re counting on his leadership – along with Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton – to create a climate where we all share in the prosperity of our state.

“As we say in SEIU — and what is true for our state — we are stronger when we work together.”