Missouri Workers Declare Another Victory with Approval of Proposition B and Amendment 1

St. Louis – The following statement is on behalf of SEIU Healthcare Missouri State Director Lenny Jones in response to tonight’s election results:

“With a grassroots movement that started with the resounding defeat of Proposition A in August, Missouri workers finished the job tonight with the approval of Proposition B and Amendment 1.

“Working families in Missouri stood up for higher wages and a more transparent state government at the ballot box, sending a clear message that we are fed up with low-wage jobs and politics as usual.

“2018 has marked a tremendous year for workers across our state, even in the face of escalating attacks to silence our voices, divide us, and weaken our power. Workers united like never before to demand a state where we can ALL flourish. These victories set us on a path for better futures for every Missourian.”