At Polling Briefing About the Hospital Industry’s Anti-Worker Agenda, Kim Smith, from Northwestern Says Hospitals Forgot Who They Are and Who They’re Supposed to Serve!

(September 6th, 2018, Chicago) — Kim Smith, a patient care tech at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and a Vice-Chair of SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana’s Executive Board, gave a forceful statement following a polling briefing about the hospital industry’s anti-worker agenda.

Are hospitals evil? I think they forgot what they were made for. I think they forgot about the people whom they service. I think they forgot about the communities that help them thrive.

So when we go back and say we want a union – we NEED a union. It’s the only way to get our voices heard! (2:40 in video)

Kim Smith Responds to Polling Briefing On the Hospital Industry’s Anti-Worker Agenda

Download the polling briefing SLIDES HERE; and the POLLING MEMO HERE;

Donna Victoria, President of Victoria Research, Walks Through Polling Results On the Hospital Industry and Corporate Lobbying Arm, the Illinois Hospital Association (IHA)