Veracare Nursing Home Workers to Go on Unfair Labor Practice Strike Again Following Owner’s Continued Refusal to Follow Labor Law and Respect Workplace Rights


Strike is an Escalation of One-Day MLK Day


BURBANK, IL—Following their high-energy one-day strike on MLK Day this January, Veracare nursing home workers will be returning to the strike line at 5 a.m. Tuesday, March 27, in response to owner Israel Davis’ continued refusal to follow basic labor law.

The 60 workers have been attempting to settle a fair contract for a year and, following the owner’s refusal to bargain in good faith, went on a one-day unfair labor practice (ULP) strike in January. This second strike comes as workers have grown increasingly frustrated both by Israel Davis’ ever-growing list of unfair labor practices—many in direct retaliation for workers speaking out—and his refusal to bargain a contract with fair wage increases, affordable health insurance and respect for their basic workplace rights.

Many of the striking workers have cared for residents at the facility for over 20 years, but have illegally had their years of seniority erased and their accumulated vacation hours taken away.


Nursing home workers at Veracare Nursing Home are going on an unfair labor practice strike this week—as an escalation of their one-day strike on MLK Day—to demand that the facility owner stop violating labor law and take immediate action to settle a fair contract.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

5 AMWorkers on night shift walk off the job to start strike. Striking workers will engage in a short speak out on their reasons for striking.

3:30 PM—Striking workers are joined by elected officials, including State Representative André M. Thapedi and other community leaders and supporters for a Press Conference on the strike.

Speakers include:

Cook County Board Commissioner Jesús G. “Chuy” García
State Representative André M. Thapedi
State Representative Elect Aaron Ortiz


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The 60 Veracare workers going on an unfair labor practice strike this week are escalating their one-day strike on MLK Day to demand that owner Israel Davis end his lawbreaking behavior and settle a fair contract immediately. Despite the workers’ brave decision to strike in January, and the outpouring of support that striking workers received by the community including that of Cook County Board Commissioner Jesús G. “Chuy” García and of gubernatorial candidate J. B. Pritzker, owner Israel Davis has not only failed to stop his unfair labor practices, but has continued to subject workers to new unfair labor practices.

In addition to an immediate cessation of unfair labor practices, workers are demanding a fair contract providing for general wage increases, affordable health insurance, recognition of workers’ seniority, overtime pay after eight hours worked, and paid time off.