Home Care Worker, Coston Plummer, Speaks at “Fair Tax Now!” Rally

IMG_0890_Coston_Plummer_home_care_DORS_PA_and_CCP_fair_tax_rally_03_27_18(March 27, 2018, Chicago) — Coston Plummer, our home care worker, spoke at the “Fair Tax Now!” rally outside the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago. See his speech below.


My name is Coston Plummer and I am honored to speak today.

I am a home care worker that supports my brother through the DORS program who suffers from cerebral palsy.

I also care for my Mom through the Community Care Program who became wheelchair bound after battling cancer and overcoming two major surgeries.

Like my fellow home care workers across the state, I too earn a poverty wage.

Just two weeks ago, I went to the grocery store to buy some food and household items.

But the bill was over what I had, and so I had to walk and put some items back on the shelf. You can imagine what that feels like.

I remember thinking to myself, “This sure doesn’t seem fair.”

And you know, it’s not fair.

I would like to give an economics lesson to those who think low-wage workers like myself should pay the same income tax rate as billionaires, like Gov. Bruce Rauner. 

How does that possibly make any sense?

Because Illinois has a flat income tax, it means there is no ability to invest in our home care program, nor to give workers like myself a decent wage that we desperately need.

Fair Tax Now no time to waste - TwitterContinuing our current flat income tax means cutting vital home care services just to balance Illinois’ budget.

Being a home care worker in Illinois is a sacrifice. It is some of the most demanding and mentally exhausting work a person can do.

But it feels like Gov. Bruce Rauner and state lawmakers who oppose the Fair Tax don’t respect us.

They act like we don’t do “real work.”

The Fair Tax can be – and must be – the ultimate “win – win” for Illinois.

The Fair Tax is an opportunity to protect vital programs like home care from being cut – and actually invest in our workforce and grow our local economy.

The fair tax is absolutely clear and simple: it says that those who earn more income, should contribute more to our state.

All we are asking for is a little respect, and a whole lot of fairness!

Thank you.