Letter to the editor: People aren’t bargaining chips

From Commercial-News

by Delores Jackson

Watching the debate around the budget unfold has me quite concerned. I am able to live at home thanks to home care services I receive through state programs. My home care worker is a blessing; she is my legs and my arms when I can’t do things. I count on her to prepare healthy meals, keep my home tidy, ensure I take my medications on time, and run errands that I can’t. These may sound like simple tasks, but I cannot do them without assistance.

I’ve heard that Gov. Bruce Rauner wants to significantly cut home care services starting July 1. People like me will have nowhere to turn if we lose access to our home care workers. We can’t afford to pay for these services out of pocket. Home care is my lifeline to independence, and it is for many other seniors and folks with disabilities too. Without our caregivers, some will be forced into nursing homes, and others will be at risk for injuries and medical emergencies.

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