Take Action: Illinois State Lawmakers Must Pass Emergency Funding to Save Our Child Care Program


Politicians in Springfield failed to pass a budget that funds our child care program for the entire fiscal year leaving a massive $295 million hole.

This means that the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) is about to run out of money in late January or early February 2015 and our hard-working child care providers will not be receiving checks from the State unless urgent action is taken.

Watch WTTW Chicago Tonight’s story about how Illinois is facing a child care funding crisis — then take action and send a letter to your state representative and senator. 

Our state lawmakers must immediately pass an emergency supplemental funding bill to protect 85,000 low-income families who rely on child care for over 150,000 children.

TAKE ACTION NOW to send a message to your state representative and senator demanding that they pass an emergency funding bill to save our Child Care Assistance Program.