Members Only: SEIU Scholarship Opportunities!

Fulfill your college goals with the SEIU Scholarship Program 2015-16

SEIU has a long and proud history of helping union members pursue their dreams through higher education. We offer scholarship opportunities to support studies in areas incuding the arts, social justice, and the healthcare field. All scholarships are open to SEIU members and their children, and over 50 scholarships are awarded each year.

The 2015-2016 SEIU Scholarship Program kicks off December 1, 2014 – apply now!

SEIU Scholarships include:

SEIU Lottery Scholarships:

$1,000 scholarships renewable for up to four years as well as $1,500 scholarships for one year of study.

SEIU JJ Johnson Scholarship:

One $5,000 scholarship renewable for up to four years i given to a student whose work and aspirations for economic and social justice reflect the values and accomplishments of JJ Johnson, former president of SEIU Local 617 in New Jersey and one of the founding members of SEIU’s African American Caucus (AFRAM).

SEIU Moe Foner Scholarship:

Moe Foner founded Bread and Roses, a cultural program for union members. One $5,000 nonrenewable scholarship is available to students who are pursuing a degree or training in the visual or performing arts, and who, like Moe Foner, believe the arts are a vehicle to advance social change.

Application information is available here. Applications must be submitted by March 2, 2015.