Missouri Members Step Up and Speak Out in Ferguson



 Jerry Hart and Loreal Cornell, both Care Partners at St. Louis University Hospital, and Te’Aun Bell, a Cook at Truman Hospital Hill in Kansas City, all members of SEIU and the Future Fighters (Millennials), have been on the ground in Ferguson since the tragic shooting that left Mike Brown dead on Saturday, August 9. Each has their own reasons for standing up and joining the movement for justice, read on to hear their stories.


jerry hartJerry Hart, Care Partner at St. Louis University Hospital

“When news broke about what happened to Mike Brown, several of us went to our union staff to find out what we could do together in Ferguson. We have a lot of members that work and live there, and we knew that as a union we needed to step up and be there. We’ve had a presence ever since. Whether it’s been peacefully marching, attending vigils, picking up trash, handing out water, etc., we’re here to help and call for justice. No unarmed person should be gunned down in the streets where they live, no matter what color you are.”

loreal cornellLoreal Cornell, St. Louis

“When there’s an injustice, SEIU is there and Ferguson is no different. This affects our members and our communities. The Future Fighters in St. Louis immediately got involved and urged our union too as well. There must be justice for Mike Brown, and the so many others who are victims of racial profiling, harassment, and racism. I’m so proud to be on the ground in Ferguson, supporting this community and representing our union.”

te'aun bellTe’Aun Bell, Cook at Truman Hospital Hill in Kansas City. Currently residing in St. Louis participating in an internship with SEIU

“There were two main reasons why I felt like I had to be with the Ferguson community in the aftermath of Mike Brown’s death. The first being that could have been my brother, my father, or my husband. The second is that this happened in Missouri – my home, my state. It’s been a very emotional time for everyone here, I’m just glad that our union is here to help and fight for justice with this community.”