Parkside Towers Nursing Home Members Celebrate New Contract Ratification

The contract fight at Parkside Towers Nursing Home has come to a close with the 80 member unit ratifying their newest agreement. Talks kicked off with management insisting on concessions on healthcare, a pay freeze, and elimination of the uniform allowance. But the bargaining committee stood strong and circulated a petition that the overwhelmingly majority of workers signed onto. Workers then started attending bargaining sessions and providing testimony about the struggles they face every day due to low pay.

Thanks to the action taken by members at Parkside, they reached an agreement with management that did not include any concessions. They won across the board wage increases and bonuses for perfect attendance in the second and third year of the agreement. If the financial situation improves at the facility, the contract will be reopened after a year to ensure workers are getting a piece of the nursing home’s success.

These improvements should help stem the high turnover in the nursing home, and improve continuity of care for residents.

“I’m so proud of my coworkers for standing together and seeing this contract campaign all the way through,” said Crystal DeLee, a CNA at the nursing home and a Shop Steward. “Our voices were heard by management because we were united each step of the way, and we will be ready to do it again in a year when we head back to the table!”

Congratulations to Parkside workers for holding the line and sticking together to win their newest contract!