Morrison workers at St. Louis University Hospital unanimously ratify first contract


image390 dietary workers at St. Louis University Hospital that are employed by Morrison recently voted unanimously to ratify their first contract. Workers organized just 5 months ago, but thanks to a strong and determined bargaining committee they wasted no time in winning their first contract.

Among the many gains in the first contract, workers won a solid grievance procedure with just cause, strong health and safety language that establishes a 3 member committee to inspect equipment monthly, quarterly labor management meetings, protections from sub-contracting, and strong gains to seniority rights.

On the economic side, Morrison members won a first ever training differential, increases to shift differentials and lead pay, time and a half holiday pay, increased vacation accruals, an optional 401k plan with management matching 3%, caps on health insurance costs, and across the board increases in each year of the contract.

These gains were hard fought, with members taking action with ‘purple days’ and ‘sticker days’ to show their unity. The 8 person bargaining committee worked tirelessly to keep their coworkers informed and focused on the impending victory.

“For me, winning time and a half for holiday pay was a big victory because when we work on holidays we have to leave our families,” explained Chris Bennett, a Grill Cook at Morrison from St. Louis. “The grievance procedure is also a critical improvement; we now have a process we can use if management is acting unjustly.”

Congrats to Morrison members on waging a strong first contract fight and winning the improvements that they deserve on the job!