Midwest Rehabilitation and Respiratory unites in SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana!


After months of hard work and determination, workers at Midwest Rehabilitation and Respiratory in Belleville, IL voted overwhelmingly to join together in SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana!

Workers at Midwest voted 78-14 to unite for good jobs and quality care in Belleville, IL.

“After Midwest was bought by a new company, working conditions started to degrade,” said Lauren Miller, a CNA at the nursing home. “It took a couple of months for the idea of joining a union to spread from just a few of us to a wide majority of the staff, but we worked hard and got it done.”

Midwest employees are looking forward to making big changes at the facility, including increasing the supply budget, getting management to hire more staff, and replacing old and broken equipment that employees need to care for their residents safely.

“Everyone’s so excited to get started improving this place,” said Virgie Watson, CNA. “Being united means we have a seat at the table with management and a way to really get things done around here.”

Midwest employees will soon begin bargaining their first contract. Check back here for updates.