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SEIU Healthcare is the fastest-growing union of healthcare, child care, home care and nursing home workers in the Midwest. We organize to build power to demand and win social and economic justice for our communities.

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In Memoriam – Remembering Our SEIU HCIIMK Heroes

Take a moment to watch this video and read more to honor and remember those SEIU HCIIMK heroes who are no longer with us.


Flexing Our Muscle on the Nursing Home Industry in St. Louis

we’ve seen countless victories recently across our homes in the region.

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Proud to stand with @swissportNews Cargo workers in their ULP strike! @SEIULocal1 @geniekastrup

Swissport Cargo: You can see that we come in numbers - and we aren’t backing down until you take accountability for the mistreatment of essential workers and uphold the labor standard that we have fought long and hard for here in Chicago!

All workers, no matter their community or employer, need fair wages with health care and paid time off. So I stand in full solidarity with my SEIU family and support the Good Jobs for #GoodAirports Act to put an end to poverty level wages for union workers. #AirportWorkersUnited

We all move forward when our rights are protected. We applaud Congress for taking this critical step to protect love and life. https://bit.ly/3B6ahDe