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SEIU Healthcare is the fastest-growing union of healthcare, child care, home care and nursing home workers in the Midwest. We organize to build power to demand and win social and economic justice for our communities.

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Yes on 2 MO Cropped

We can expand Medicaid in Missouri on Aug. 4

While we work on the frontlines of this crisis, we need to be able to keep ourselves healthy to protect our patients and our families. Missouri needs to expand access to affordable healthcare, now more than ever before.

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Indiana Home Care Workers Escalate Fight for Higher Wages & Pandemic Pay

On July 1, workers gathered with State Representative Lisa Beck and State Representative Pat Boy to call on Help at Home to come to the bargaining table with a fair deal that includes higher wages and pandemic pay.

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Calling all Missouri voters! Take the pledge to vote YES on Amendment 2 on August 4 to expand Medicaid to thousands of Missourians and protect healthcare jobs. Then this November, pledge to vote NO on Amendment 3 to protect fair maps → https://bit.ly/TakeThePledge2020

Today we're excited to endorse @JoeBiden. Through our largest-ever voter engagement & volunteer programs, we'll organize to get infrequent voters in communities of color to the polls!

As essential workers, we know Joe Biden will do what's essential for us. #essentialforjoe

Today, workers at Loretto Hospital, a safety net hospital on the West Side of Chicago, announced the authorization of a strike in response to management’s failure to bargain in good faith: https://seiuhcilin.org/2020/07/workers-at-loretto-hospital-overwhelmingly-vote-to-authorize-a-strikeforblacklives-after-management-fails-to-bargain-in-good-faith-on-issues-of-poverty-wages-and-staffing/

A week ago today, we held an action at St. Louis University Hospital. At least three workers have tested positive for COVID-19. We are demanding #HazardPayNow for the duration of this crisis as we continue to put our health and safety on the line to do our jobs.