Workers at Infinity Nursing Homes Announce Strike, to Report on Delivery of Strike Notices at 11 Facilities

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Frontline Workers at Infinity Facilities–Which Have Had Record-Breaking Numbers of COVID-19 Cases–Have Been in Bargaining Since June and Have Had Their Demands for Pandemic Pay and Living Wages Largely Ignored

CHICAGO — Workers from multiple Infinity nursing homes across the Greater Chicago area delivered strike notices at 11 facilities late last night with a strike start date of November 23rd. The frontline, majority black and brown workers made the difficult decision to call a strike after months of bargaining in which management ignored their calls for pandemic pay and living wages as the spread of the virus not only extends but surges into record breaking numbers.

The workers will gather outside City View Multicare Center in Cicero, a facility which has broken records for numbers of and impacts of COVID infections, on Friday afternoon to discuss their decision to go on strike and share their experiences working in facilities with some of the highest infection rates in the city and state. Additionally, they will discuss their prolonged attempts to convince Infinity management to restart pandemic pay and lift base wages for all workers to to the prevalent market rate.

A press conference featuring frontline workers at Infinity-owned nursing homes
who have been working without a contract since late May, joined by Shaba Andrich, Vice President for Nursing Homes, SEIU Healthcare Illinois, on the strike notices delivered late last night.


3:30 PM CT

In-Person Press ConferenceOutside City View Multicare Center
5825 W Cermak Rd, Cicero, IL 60804