Mado Uptown Nursing Home: We’ve Started Bargaining Our New Contract!


Introducing Our New Bargaining Committee:

*NOTE PICTURED: Ronnie Fashola, CNA, 1st

On October 8th we held our first bargaining session, and introduced our new committee.

We told management exactly what we need and emphasized two of major priorities:

  1. to be on the same Chicago wage scale as our Association contract;
  2. strong COVID-19 protections with hazard pay

Management was not prepared to respond to our proposals today. But we told them we deserve nothing less than what every other Union nursing home member has!

Our next bargaining session is set for Tuesday, October 20. Until then, we’re proudly wearing our SEIU Union buttons at work: “We are Stronger Together!”

For more info, contact a member of our Bargaining Committee or Venson @ 312-610-9723