Victory! Bria Forest Edge LPNs and RNs Ratify Contract!

AA 20-5-65 SV Nursing Home Ratification Graphic3.1

Our workers at Bria Forest Edge overwhelmingly voted for and ratified our new collective bargaining agreement!

We were ready to fight for our demands and do whatever it takes to make sure we won a fair contract.

Our strength and unity of fellow LPNs and RNs showed management that we would not be divided nor disrespected any longer.

Our new contract is a 3-year agreement that goes into effect on June 1, 2020 and expires on May 31, 2023.

Here are some highlights of our victory based off our four priorities:

WAGES: Members won a wage scale based on years of licensure! This is the first contract in the Union to have achieved that milestone which means that members will be compensated and rewarded for our years of service in the industry, not just our time at Bria Forest Edge’s facility.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Members will now have access to the Union Health and Welfare fund, which offers plans as low as $9.10/month for an HMO, $60/month for Advocate plan and $125/month for a PPO. This is drastically lower than the plan Bria offered and gives all members access to affordable health insurance.

RETIREMENT: Members will have access to a 401K retirement plan, with Bria matching some of the contributions and a vesting period that begins after 2 years, and the ability to take the money with you if you move to another facility.

STAFFING: The employer agreed to staff the building according to state staffing minimums, not management rights. Members will have the ability to grieve staffing problems.

Our contract victory shows that we are growing our power across more job titles, and organizing more LPNs and RNs into our Union, to hold the nursing home industry accountable! We honor the hard work, sacrifice and dedication of our nursing home leaders who support fellow workers AND continue to provide quality care to our residents during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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