Home Care Day 2020

20-8-47 KY Proud FB Graphic

Friday, September 4 is #HomeCareDay2020 and we want to ask you to take action with us for the Fair Tax!

Heading into the Labor Day weekend, we are lifting our voices to let everyone know that we are home care workers and we support the Fair Tax because we are committed to building a stronger long term care system in Illinois that meets the needs of workers and those who need our services.

The Fair Tax is the first step to transforming long term care for every Illinoisan and it will take all of us doing our part to win. 

Here are three ways you can support our day of action today:

  1. Click here to update your Facebook profile picture with our new frame to let your friends know that you’re a home care worker and a Fair Tax voter!
  2. Click here to share and like this Facebook graphic using these hashtags #HomeCareDay2020 #MyVoteIsEssential #FairTaxNow.
  3. If you haven’t done so already, pledge your support for the Fair Tax here

Every Illinoisan – black, white, and brown, who needs care should have access to it, and they should have the option to receive that care at home with the help of a home care worker. And every home care worker should earn a good wage, have quality benefits, and have a union to fight to improve their jobs.

To expand services like home care, we need to invest in them.

The first step we need to take this fall to set us up for success is to vote YES for a Fair Tax and talk to everyone we know about doing the same. Sign the pledge to support the Fair Tax here.

A Fair Tax won’t create the long term care system we need overnight, but it is a crucial first step in expanding home care services and improving home care jobs.

With the Fair Tax, where the wealthy (anyone making more than $250,000 per year) will be asked to pay their fair share like the federal government and the majority of states already do, we could expand home care to 100,000 more seniors – that would nearly double the number of seniors who can currently get services.

At the end of the day, no matter where we live or what we look like, we all want the same things. We want those we love to have access to the care they need where they want to receive it. We want better futures for our children and more opportunities for our families. We want communities where we can all thrive. Let’s take this essential first step together this fall by pledging to support the Fair Tax here and building the long term care system we all deserve.