SEIU Healthcare Missouri: SB 662 Another Example of Misplaced Priorities of MO Legislature

Following is a statement on behalf of Lenny Jones, State Director and Vice President at SEIU Healthcare Missouri regarding Senate Bill 662:

“News that the Missouri legislature, with the blessing of Governor Parson, will work to approve legislation to shield the nursing home and hospital industries from civil suits stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak is another example of misplaced priorities and putting corporate interests before workers and everyday Missourians.

“Seeing this bill described as protecting workers is especially insulting when, in reality, this legislation will protect employers from any suits brought from employees as well. This includes employees who may have gotten sick or who were forced to work while sick.

“During this crisis, our state lawmakers should be standing up for frontline healthcare workers, not working to undermine their rights and find ways to allow employers to dodge responsibility.

“We call on Governor Parson and the Missouri legislature to abandon these efforts and instead focus on supplying what healthcare workers need to continue battling this pandemic, like paid sick time, adequate PPE, access to testing, and hazard pay.”