Take the “Union Challenge!’

Norma Rae Collage1_FIN_580

Powerful billionaires are using the Supreme Court case Janus v. AFSCME to further rig the economy against working families. We won’t let any court case stand in the way of our fight for the good union jobs our families, communities, and country need.

One way to show you’re standing up for  your co-workers, your community, and yourself through your union is to take the “Union Challenge!” (Formally referred to the Norma Rae Challenge).

Here’s what you can do:
1. Grab a piece of paper, cardboard, poster board, or anything you can write on, and write “UNION” on the sign!
2. Raise the sign above your head—you can stand on your desk or chair, or in your work place.
3. Have a friend take your photo.
4. Upload to your favorite social media site & share it using the hashtags #Union and #WeRise.

Also, if you’d like your picture to appear on this blog post, comment on this Facebook post with your picture.

Take a look at a number of your fellow SEIU HCIIMK sisters and brothers below who have already taken the challenge.

Norma Rae Collage1_FIN

Our Executive Vice President, Faith Arnold, was one of the first to take the challenge.

Faith Norma Rae

Child care workers at the YMCA of Metro Chicago are fighting for a fair contract and they love their union.

YMCA Norma Rae Challenge

HCIIMK VP Myra Glassman got into the action as well.

Myra Norma Rae

Lorettto hospital workers also took the challenge.

Norma Rae Collage2_hospitalworkers


Here’s Roger, a worker at Northwestern, showing his union pride.

Roger from Northwestern Norma Rae

So did  Samantha, a DORS personal assistant from Bourbonnais.

Samantha Corzine DORS Norma Rae

Home care workers from Indiana also got in the action.

Norma Rae Collage3_IN

Angela Campos IN Norma Rae

Shaba Andrich, our VP of nursing homes, enthusiastically jumped on a table to show his union pride.

Shaba Norma Rae

Here’s Marie and her co-workers:

Mariecook 2 Norma Rae_580

Here’s Stephanie showing off her SEIU pride.

Stephanie Barnes Burton Norma Rae_580

Here’s Sherry, Nick, Paula, and Brenda from Missouri:

MO1 Sherry Nick Paula Norma Rae_580

MO2 Sherry Brenda Paula_580



IMG_8083 IMG_8119


Time for you to get into the action.  Click on the Facebook link below to share your Norma Rae Challenge picture with us.