Letter to the editor: Don’t cut child care services

child care photo

From The Register-Mail:

Galesburg, Ill.

Editor, Register-Mail: I’m a local single mom doing my best to raise and support my three young children. In reading coverage around budget negotiations in Springfield, I feel that people like me are being forgotten. I earn low wages at my job, but I’m proud to be working and supporting my kids.

Gov. Bruce Rauner plans to cut child care services come July 1, raising copays for parents and denying access to new families. This is going to have major repercussions; parents will have to choose between going to work or staying home with our kids so we know they’re safe. If we’re forced to quit our jobs to look after our children, we’ll end up on welfare. To me, that makes no sense. I want to keep working, but as a single mom child care services through the Child Care Assistance Program are the only way I can do that. Cutting off child care services will only cost our state more in the long run.

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