Workers at the Grove of Evanston join SEIU!

On Thursday, May 19, sixty workers at the Grove of Evanston nursing home voted unanimously to form their union and join SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana.

“Everyone felt so happy and relieved when we heard the election results,” says Marcus Grant, who works in the dietary department.  “I voted yes because I want job security.  But many people really want to see improvements to our health insurance benefits, and there are people who have worked here for over 30 years not making much more than people like me who have only been here for 8 or 9 months.  We have a better chance of changing these things with everyone united together.”

Workers at the Grove of Evanston join more than 10,000 nursing home workers taking action for quality jobs and quality care.  And, with a vote of 46-0 and leaders on every shift, our newest members at the Grove are on their way to building a strong union.