CCSI: We Demand Emergency Sick Pay!

CCSI photo (1)

That’s right, CCSI workers are demanding basic pandemic protections from CCSI. As essential workers, our union is demanding that CCSI provide emergency sick pay for any worker who gets exposed or infected with COVID-19 through the job. It is unfair and irresponsible for CCSI to refuse this basic and modest protection.

We need to make sure CCSI hears from workers all across the state.

Make your voice heard by calling Community Care’s Corporate Office TOMORROW, APRIL 28 FROM 9AM-11AM CST:
Phone: 217-698-0200
Toll Free: 800-500-0122

Here is a script you can use when calling:
My name is_____ from [branch office]. I deserve to have emergency sick pay if I get infected or exposed through my job. I’m requesting that CCSI agree to this at the bargaining table.

Thank you for calling Community Care’s Corporate Office on April 28!